Strategies for Getting Tenured

In today’s economy, job security is important for all job seekers.  Fortunately in the education field, many professionals qualify for tenure, a type of elite status that forbids the employer from eliminating a person’s position without just cause.  In order to become tenured, educators must prove to their employers that they are valuable members of the faculty and will continue to benefit the school over the long-term.  A few simple steps can greatly increase the chance of becoming tenured.

Before accepting your first teaching position, be sure to ask for the school’s requirements on becoming tenured.  All institutions that offer tenure to employees should have their guidelines readily available.  This information is crucial for creating a tenure strategy.

Your tenure track begins from the moment you accept your first position.  Even before you enter the classroom, your peers and superiors will be watching your every move.  Being a great teacher is only one aspect that your employer will consider when determining your tenure status.  The relationships you make with your colleagues and how you manage your time in the workplace will be other important factors.

Forming strong relationships with respected faculty members will not only help you in your tenure track, but will also provide you with mentors that can provide the resources to make you a stronger teacher.  When department functions or optional workshops are held, be sure to show up and actively participate.  Being well liked and respected by your peers and superiors will give you a large advantage when tenure decisions are made.

Becoming tenured is a big accomplishment for teachers, professors, and other academic professionals.  Once you are granted tenure, your long-term outlook as a teacher becomes very secure. 

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