Distance Learning Degrees

Technology has radically changed the way individuals are achieving their educational and career goals. The field of education in particular has been hugely effected by the advent of technology. Whereas in the past, students needed to attend brick and mortar institutions in order to complete their classes, through the use of computers and the Internet it is now possible to earn a degree by taking courses entirely online, or a combination of in-class and online courses. Distance learning has become an acceptable alternative to traditional education and many major colleges and universities offer online degree courses as a counterpart to their in-class programs.

Distance learning degrees are offered at all levels of education ranging from 2-week certificate courses to long-term Ph.Ds. Students have a huge select are also offered in every type of subject. Successful professionals of all kinds have benefited from enrolling in distance learning programs to earn both supplemental and fundamental degrees.

Advantages of Distance Learning

There are many advantages to choosing a distance learning degree. The first is the flexibility offered by an online program. Many potential students are dissuaded from enrolling in school by their busy lives. Distance learning makes it possible for these students to schedule their education around their own time, learning from home, and completing homework via email.

Another major advantage to distance learning is it offers students the opportunity to study at colleges and universities they would not be able to attend otherwise due to geography. Taking courses online erases the need for a long commute, which is ideal for students who do not own cars or live a prohibitive distance from the educational institution.

Many online education students cite the convenience of distance learning as the primary factor in choosing to earn a degree online. Distance learning offers students who learn at a slower pace the ability to complete courses in their own time rather than trying to keep up with the class, which can be stressful and discouraging.


Distance learning is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to earn a degree. According to the U.S. Department of Education, online education has become a major component in the plans of all major educational organizations. The quality of distance learning has improved greatly in recent years and students can be assured of receiving high quality instruction despite attending classes from home.

In order to choose the best program, potential students should find out whether or not the program in question has been accredited by the accrediting organization governing that particular field. Accreditation is just as important for distance learning as it is for in-class instruction. If a program is accredited, it means that the education and instruction meet the standards set by the profession and that potential employers should assume that graduates of the program are highly skilled in all aspects of their field.

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