Earning a Master’s In Education Online

Education is a diverse field with many opportunities for individuals interested in careers with both job security and good compensation. Teachers are the most fundamental members of the education industry and most individuals start their education career in the classroom. Becoming a teacher is not difficult and requires only that individuals complete an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in education, child development, early childhood education and similar subjects. Both associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees in education are offered through distance learning programs, which are ideal for students with full-time jobs or otherwise busy schedules.

After working as a teacher, many education professionals transition into higher positions such as principal, supervisor, administrators, and the like. In order to be eligible for these positions, most schools require that teachers augment their earlier training by earning master’s degrees in education. Master’s degrees traditionally take 2-years to complete and require intensive training in specific elements of education. However, technology has made it possible for individuals to plan their education around their own personal schedule by enrolling in distance learning programs, otherwise known as online education. Teachers in general are some of the most enthusiastic users of online education, as it allows them to retain their job while still earning the credential that will assist them in ascending to more lucrative positions in the industry.


The requirements for enrolling in an online master’s degree course vary depending on the program and the applicant’s level of experience. All master’s degree programs require that applicants have completed an undergraduate degree in education, however some may accept extensive teaching experience as a substitute in some cases. Other programs require that applicants have teaching certification from the State in order to apply. Some schools might also require that potential students take the GRE prior to applying.


The standard curriculum for master’s degree students, like the per-requisites, varies from school to school. It is very important for potential students to look over the course curriculum and evaluate whether or not the program will assist them in achieving their career goals. What path the applicant wishes to pursue after graduation will be one of the primary factors in determining the best choice in program. Individuals who wish to teach elementary school will need to study subjects wholly distinct from subjects studied by individuals who wish to go into curriculum design or administration.

In general, master’s degree courses are meant to build on experience and prior education. Schools offer online master’s degrees in a number of specialized fields such as mathematics, special education, education technology, administration, science, and other common subjects. Many students also enroll in teacher training programs that connect them with experienced professionals who can share invaluable information about the education industry.


It is important that any online program you choose to enroll in be accredited by either the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Teacher Education Accreditation Council. Accreditation may not be mandatory for certification in your State, however accreditation demonstrates that the school’s program is up to the standards set by the education industry. Enrolling in an accredited program ensures that you will receive a high quality of education and training in your chosen field.

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