Earning a Ph.D. in Education

The highest academic credential earned by teachers is a Ph.D. Earning a Ph.D. is traditionally a very time-consuming and costly process that can take over 10 years in certain programs. However, modern technology has made it possible to earn a Ph.D. online without ever having to step foot in a classroom.

What makes distance learning education so popular is the fact that it allows students to plan their education around their schedule. Many Ph.D. students continue to work full-time while completing their degree. An online Ph.D. can also be completed in far less time than a traditional Ph.D. program, while the quality of education and training remains the same.

Enrolling in an online education Ph.D. course is a great choice for individuals with extensive experience in education, prior academic training, and a desire to rise to the top of their field. Ph.D. holders commonly find employment in all areas of education, including plum positions as supervisors, principals, university professors, and curriculum designers.

In order to choose the appropriate online Ph.D. program, potential applicants should first determine what career track they wish to pursue. At the Ph.D. level many students choose to specialize in a certain education-related field, such as early childhood education, in order to better reach their goals. Ph.D.’s are offered in numerous fields such as reading Curriculum and instruction, child development, educational technology, teaching leadership, post-secondary and adult education, and the like.


The requirements for enrollment in an online Ph.D. program are often more strict than those of a program offering a lower degree. The reason for this is because Ph.D. programs are designed for students who have already demonstrated a commitment to education through a combination of experience and training. In order to be considered eligible for a Ph.D., potential students must have already completed both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. These degrees are not required to be in education, but should prepare the student with the knowledge necessary to complete a Ph.D.

Some schools have minimum GPA standard for potential applicants, while others may accept GRE scores as a substitute. In general, however, serious Ph.D. candidates . The specific per-requisites will


The standard curriculum for Ph.D. degree students, like the requirements, varies from school to school. It is very important for potential students to look over the course curriculum and evaluate whether or not the program will assist them in achieving their career goals. What path the applicant wishes to pursue after graduation will be one of the primary factors in determining the best choice in program. Individuals who wish to teach elementary school will need to study subjects wholly distinct from subjects studied by individuals who wish to go into curriculum design or administration.

In general, Ph.D. programs will train students to work in the highest levels of education, creating curriculum, supervising institutions, and implementing new policies. Skills learned center around curriculum and instruction, educational leadership, youth and human services, and special education. Students may choose to specialize in one field with minimal training in others or take on a general course load.

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