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An Education Degree is Your Golden Key to the Classroom

Teaching is one of the nation’s most valueable professions, and becoming a brilliant teacher takes more than just an education.

For tomorrow’s teachers, the best place to start on the road to brilliance is a good degree.

Teacher education comes on a variety of levels, from bachelor degree programs for elementary school and kindergarten teachers, to master’s degrees for college-level professors, and beyond. The degree type you pursue will depend on the area and level of teaching you choose to go into.

Some popular subject areas include:

  • General & Special Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Educational Administration
  • Reading & Literacy
  • Technology in Education
  • Health Care Education

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Teacher Job Description

The responsibilities taken on by teachers depend on the level of education and subjects being taught. Here are some general teacher job descriptions to give you an idea:

Preschool to elementary school teachers teach younger children, covering a variety of basic subjects including math, science and language, for one class. They work during the school year, and may vacation or continue their own education during the summer.

Middle and secondary school teachers (junior high and high school) teach older children and teenagers, covering one subject in more depth, for multiple classes. They typically work during the school year, and may use the summer months to study their subject of interest or further their own education.

Postsecondary teachers teach college classes or vocational training classes, covering one subject in considerable depth. These professors may work year-round, or may use the summer months to study their own subjects of interest, pursue research projects and studies, or pursue other teaching ventures.

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Teacher Training

The required education for teachers depends on the subjects and levels they teach, as well as prior education and experience.

Kindergarten and elementary teachers receive bachelor-level training in general education subjects such as math, science, social studies, art and language, as well as teaching-related courses.

Middle and secondary teachers usually receive a bachelor degree in the subject they will teach, with additional training in general education practices.

Vocational teachers typically have work experience in the subject they teach, with an associate degree in a related field.

College professors have a master or doctoral degree in their subject, as well as extensive professional and academic experience in the field.

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Teacher Salary

The national average salary for each major type of teacher is listed below. Annual salaries are based on US Labor Bureau statistics.

Preschool $23,870
Kindergarten $51,550
Elementary $54,330
Middle school $54,880
Secondary school $55,990
Special Education (elementary) $50,020
Vocational (adult) $47,870
Postsecondary $58,830

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.

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Teaching Career Outlook

The US Labor Bureau predicts teaching employment to increase 12 percent, adding more than 479,000 new jobs over the next decade.

The best growth will be in the southern states, including Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Georgia, as elementary school enrollment is expected to increase rapidly in those states. The best advantages will be to teachers who are geographically mobile or are licensed to teach in more than one subject.

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